OSHA-Compliant Floor Marking Guide for Factories

OSHA required that all permanent-based aisles and unique passages within a factory be marked in a consistent, building-wide manner. Failure to adhere to these requirements could result in hefty fees, in terms of identified violations. According to OSHA, these markings aid in the prevention of injuries and accidents. Floor markings aid in ensuring visual-based organization,… Read More…

Choosing the Right Flooring Has the Potential to Create a Healthier Home

When shopping for flooring, very few people consider the effects of it on their general well-being and overall health. Factors such as appearance, cost, and level of maintenance are typically at the forefront of the selection. What if we told you that choosing the right type of floor could actually improve your health, provide a… Read More…

How Can I Turn My Basement into a New Room?

Turning Basement Into New Room

Basements are ideal spaces for optimizing the amount of living space that you have within your home. While traditionally used as laundry rooms, storage areas, and even completely overlooked, these large, solid, concrete spaces are now being recognized as an area of the home that can function in numerous ways and be put to good… Read More…

Beautify Your Patio with These Simple, Instantly-Transforming Tips

Beautiful Patio

In today’s world, the patio is more than just a paved area outside that connect to your home. It is an open, outdoor living space that is highly versatile. It may be used for dining, socializing, and/or recreational purposes. It brings your world to the great outdoors. It is a means of connecting to nature,… Read More…

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