Anti-Slip Concrete Coatings for Garage Floors

As a leader in the industry of high-quality concrete floor coating products for over 30 years, Concrete Coatings of the South know and understands the importance of safety in residential environments. As a result, we offer a wide range of coatings with anti-slip technology.

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These are designed in such a way that they aid in improving safety and reduce the risk for slips, trips, falls, and related accidents. Our products offer reliability for all types of residential concrete flooring. Continue reading to learn more. 

Floor Protection at its Best 

Our anti-slip garage floor coatings not only make the floor safer for use, but also protect the actual floor from additional levels of damage. This includes damage caused by heavy levels of traffic, chemicals and other substances commonly found in garages, and other types of wear and tear that occur within the garage environment.

If you are in search of products that will optimize the safety of your garage floor and improve the lifespan of that floor, our anti-slip garage floor coatings are the choice. 

Usage Areas 

In addition to residential garages, our anti-slip floor coatings may be used in commercial and industrial settings. The technology behind these floor coatings aid in creating superior levels of traction in zones where there is foot traffic and vehicle traffic.

Additionally, the coatings are designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions. All of our anti-slip coatings are perfect for all types of concrete finishes. It does not matter if it is a garage floor, a basement floor, or a warehouse! 

Choosing Anti-Slip Coatings

The anti-slip garage floor coatings are specially-designed products that may be directly applied to a surface composed of concrete in order to provide a boost to traction and aid in the prevention of accidental slips, trips, and falls.

These may be used around pools, on walkways, and other areas where high levels of traffic occurs. Slip-resistance is a high priority. If you want to add a layer of protection to your garage floor, we can assist you! 

Selecting Your Coating 

When shopping for an anti-slip garage floor coating, it is essential that you consider many factors. These include the amount of traffic on the floor, the environmental conditions around the garage, the activities that commonly occur in the structure, and the amount of slip resistance that you require.

If you contact us here at Concrete Coatings of the South, we can work closely with you to determine the perfect anti-slip garage floor coating for your needs. 

Contact Us 

We here at Concrete Coatings of the South have partnered with the absolute best manufacturer of coatings within the United States, Penntek. The products that we use are industry-leading and award-winning.

The coatings are durable, beautiful, and boast a wide variety of safety features that will create a safe and luxurious garage environment. If you would like to learn more about that in which we specialize, we encourage you to contact us today. To do so, simply call the following number: 706-249-4131

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