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Controllable Factors That May Negatively Impact a Home Appraisal

If you are reading this, chances are, the floors have been swept and mopped. The carpets have been vacuumed and completely cleaned. The ceiling fans have been brushed down and the countertops and the closets have been completely decluttered. There is probably a lingering smell of wood soap, carpet shampoo, and other home cleansers in… Read More…

How Do I Apply Polyurethane to the Floors in My Home?

Applying Polyurethane To Hardwood Floor

If you have a hardwood or engineered wood floor, it is essential to protect it with a high-quality finish. One of the best finishes is polyurethane. Not only does this particular finish go on quickly, it is very easy to apply and cures in a rapid manner. The substance provides protection from moisture and exceptionally… Read More…

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