5 Factors That Should Be Considered When Deciding to Build a New Garage at Your Home 

While an area of dispute among many, it has been established that a garage is essential to the overall functionality of the home. In today’s world, more and more homeowners are electing to have garages built on their property and playing a large role in the design process.

If you have decided to build a new garage at your home, continue reading. Here, we will share 5 factors that should be considered in the process. 

  1. Local Zoning Requirements

If you are building the garage yourself – from the ground up – you will need to inquire with your local building and zoning office about the requirements of the endeavor. If you are obtaining a contractor to build the garage, ensure that they pull all of the necessary permits and any other zoning requirements.

If you fail to ensure that all zooming requirements are met, you may be faced with hefty fines, be charged in court, and even be made to tear down the garage once it is in place. 

  1. Design

Once you have inquired about your local zoning requirements or have made certain your contractor will handle those, you should consider how you will have your garage designed. This includes access points – such as traditional doors – and your garage door.

You will also need to know how large you want the structure to be built and if you will have any extras – such as a half bath and windows. You may also want to consider whether or not you want shelves added or even a small attic space. 

  1. Ventilation 

Your next task is to consider the ventilation of the structure. The air should not be hot and extremely stuffy. It should have a steady flow. Additionally, if proper ventilation is not considered, it increases the risk of an accumulation of carbon monoxide from your vehicle.

Windows, vents, exhaust fans, and regular fans should all be integrated. You will want to talk to your design team (if you are not building the garage) and let them know that you want optimal ventilation. 

  1. The Purpose

Next, you will want to consider the purpose of the structure. Will you only use it to store your vehicle? Perhaps, you will make half of it a workshop or a place where you may pursue hobbies. In taking this step, you will easily determine what you will need to be included within the space. 

  1. The Garage Floor 

Finally, you must consider what type of floor you want in your garage. It is a given that it will need to have a base of concrete.

The garage floor needs to be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions and weight. One of the best flooring types is a concrete garage floor with an epoxy floor coating. 

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