Are Chips for Garage Floor Coatings All the Same Size? 

If you are in the process of gearing up to have an epoxy floor coating placed in your garage, it is quite likely that you have discovered that decorative colored chips may be added to the mixture.

If you have landed on this page in your search to learn more about chips for garage floor coatings, it is likely that you are trying to learn more – especially in terms of the sizes of the chips. We hope – that by reading this brief guide – you will obtain the information that you seek. 

Where Do Decorative Chips Go? 

In most instances, when a garage floor coating is placed, the very first layer is one of a special type of pigmented coating. In most instances, this coating is epoxy-based. Decorative chips are embedded into this first layer.

Once the first layer has completed the drying cycle, another coating layer is typically laid. This could be simply a clear coat or another layer of decorative chips may be added. In short, you will have a substrate, a primer coat, a base coat with decorative chips, and a protective top coat, going bottom, up. 

Are There Different Sized Flakes? 

In garage floor coatings, there are different sizes of chips or flakes that you may choose from. These make also be referred to as “vinyl color chips”.

The paint used on the chips is specially-formulated so that it combines well in the epoxy flooring. To date, there are size sizes that are considered to be “standard” in the industry. These are as follows:

  • 1/32”
  • 1/16”
  • 1/8”
  • ¼”
  • ½”
  • 1”

Naturally, 1/32” are the absolute smallest of all colored chips used in garage floor coatings. The 1” chips are the largest. When choosing the flakes for your garage floor, we recommend going with just one size.

This will result in uniformity across the floor. While you may choose multiple sizes, this could impact the uniform appearance of the floor. 

What Colored Flakes Are Available? 

The good news is, chips or flakes for garage floor coatings come in a wide range of colors. Of course, there are standard colors; however, in some instances, you can have your colored flakes specially ordered to reflect the color of your choice.

In short, these are just painted or colored vinyl pieces. Once mixed into the flooring, they create a unique floor appearance that is capable of hiding blemishes and imperfections in the concrete floor that is located below the epoxy flooring layers. You can be as standard or as creative as you want when choosing the colored flakes. 

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