What Type of Garage Floor Coating Is the Most Durable and Lasts the Longest?

It does not matter if your garage is used to park vehicles, as a storage area, an area for hobbies, a laundry room, a home gym, a mancave, or a she-shed – or a combination of all – you will need the floor to be durable and withstand all the associated pressures.

In ensuring your garage floor is durable and long lasting, you will save a lot of money on floor repairs. While you have many garage floor coatings that you may choose from, the best – by far – is epoxy garage floor coatings. 

What Is an Epoxy Garage Floor Coating?

A garage floor that is composed of epoxy is one that is created by the unique layering of resin and a specially-designed hardener. The concrete floor must be professionally prepared prior to placing the epoxy on the flooring to ensure maximum adhesion.

The chemicals that are within the resin and the special hardener combine to bond successfully with the concrete. This coating is exceptionally tight and will protect against spills, moisture, fire, and impacts. 

How Long Does It Takes to Install Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Depending on the size of the garage, the condition of the concrete on the garage floor, and the work that needs to be done beforehand, installation could take 3-5 days. We here at Concrete Coatings of the South typically guarantee a 1-day installation.

If you elect to allow us to do your garage floor, we will perform an inspection and then detail all that is required and provide you with a time estimate on your project. While all garages are different, most may be done in as little as 1 day. 

What Is the Process of Epoxy Floor Coating Placement? 

The process associated with placing an epoxy garage floor coating is relatively simple. First, the area is cleaned and prepared. Then, the primer is laid as the very first layer. This helps the adhesion onto the concrete. Then, the base coat and the top coat are put into place. The top coat is thick.

When selecting the base coat, you may choose from many colors, designs, and chips. The top coat seals in everything underneath and when it dries, it will have a smooth and high gloss finish. 

Should I Use DIY Epoxy Floor Coatings? 

The products that are sold over-the-counter for consumers to complete their own garage floor covering are not recommended. Preparation has to be precise. If not, the epoxy will not bond appropriately, may get too much air mixed in, and may peel.

Additionally, DIY epoxy is known for – eventually – developing a yellowing in color. If you want your garage floor coated, it is best to leave it to the professionals. 

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