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Transforming Your Garage into a Productive Work Space During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Garage Workspace

During the last several months, millions upon millions of people have had to make the switch from working in traditional brick and mortar workplaces to work-at-home environments. In addition to this, hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers have transitioned from schools to virtual learning environments. This all stems from the COVID-19 pandemic that started… Read More…

An Epoxy Application on the Basement Floor Is Highly Advantageous

Epoxy Application

While it is true that you have numerous options when it comes to your basement floor, perhaps the most advantageous is that which involves placing an epoxy application on this floor. This type of application includes a uniquely combined mixture of resin created from epoxides, polyamine-based hardener, and a variety of additives that not only… Read More…

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