Why Are Epoxy Floor Coatings Considered the Best for Healthcare Facilities?

If you own or operate a healthcare facility of any type, it is imperative that you know that epoxy floor coatings are considered to be the best type of flooring system. The purpose and intent of this article is to explain why.

To start with, the flooring system used in your facility must positively impact productivity, reduce liabilities associated with the standards associated with compliance and safety, and must also promote and protect the health of all who use the floor. Epoxy floor coatings succeed in all of these areas, and more!

Strength and Longevity

Epoxy is considered to be one of the absolute strongest of all flooring materials. The chemical process associated with epoxy floor coatings results in the development of a very hard, immensely strong, dimensionally-stable, and a clean, seamless surface. Epoxy has a high level of impact resistance. In healthcare facilities, epoxy floor coatings are capable of withstanding the usage of heavy equipment and machines.

It has the ability to withstand human traffic and the loads associated with wheeled medical equipment. It can withstand spills, corrosive elements, and collisions with ease without fear of cracking or chipping. On average, epoxy floor coatings last several decades. In many instances, even longer!

Increased Comfort Levels

Individuals in healthcare facilities are known to work shifts that are 12 hours or longer. Most of the time, these employees are either walking or standing for most of their shift. If other types of flooring are used, it could result in high levels of discomfort and even the development of musculoskeletal problems.

Epoxy floor coatings create a type of cushioning effect directly on the surface of the floor, which helps to increase the comfort of the employees that work on those floors. In addition to this, the epoxy coating is slip-resistant, which is very important in a healthcare facility.

Sterile Surface

Regardless of the type of healthcare facility that you own and/or operate, your floors will be subjected to various types of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and other types of biohazards. Epoxy floor coatings actually bond in a solid manner to create a safe, non-porous surface that cannot be penetrated by dangerous substances.

Additionally, no type of moisture will become trapped, which is known for compromising the sterility of the flooring. In addition to restricting the spread of pathogens, you may now purchase epoxy floor coatings that include antimicrobial additives.

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Epoxy floor coatings are considered to be the best floor choices for healthcare facilities. These offer the highest level of strength, immense durability, and are considered safe. They will contribute to the sterility of your facility. One of the best parts is, these coatings systems may be customized so that they also provide a high level of aesthetic appeal.

If you are interested in improving the floors in your healthcare facility, contact us here at Concrete Coatings today. We will match you with the most superior and high-quality products at the most competitive prices.

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