What Time of the Year Should I Have Concrete Work Done in My Basement?

Many individuals mistakenly believe that the summer months is the best time for concrete work – such as repairs – to be done in the basement. The truth of the matter is, though, that weather that is hot and humid has the potential to prevent concrete from setting appropriately.

Extremely cold temperatures may result in the formation to concrete that is poured. Concrete work in the basement should not be performed during extreme weather – be it hot or cold. So, when IS the best time of the year? Continue reading to find out.

What Is the Best Temperature for Basement Concrete Work?

Generally speaking, it is best to perform basement concrete work in your home when the outdoor temperature is no lower than 50°F and no higher than 76°F. These temperatures are typically experienced within the fall months and spring months.

In some areas, these may be experienced in the early part of the summer. July, August, December, January, and February are typically not considered to be ideal months to engage in concrete work because of the severe temperatures.

What Will Low Temperatures Do to Concrete?

In extremely cold temperatures, water will transition into ice. In turn, this causes expansion. Expansion will result in surface cracks to any concrete that is poured in your basement.

Furthermore, if the concrete is poured when it is cold outside, it will set at a much slower rate than is needed. This will detrimentally impact the overall strength of the concrete. 

What Do High Temperatures Do to Concrete?

If concrete work in the basement is done when it is too hot outside, the top layer will set too fast. In fact, it will set more rapidly than the bottom layer. This improper setting will prevent the formation of durability or strength in the concrete.

Concrete requires larger amounts of water to be added when it is poured in hot, humid weather. The additional water will result in higher levels of weakness within the concrete.

Temperatures Affect Concrete, But Does Extreme Weather Impact Concrete?

Yes, concrete is affected by the weather. It requires up to 3 days for properly setting. Despite the fact that the basement floor is not subjected directly by pouring rain or falling snow, the foundation surrounding the basement will be affected.

It is best to do basement concrete work when the temperature is just right and there is no chance of rain or snow for a few days. In taking this step, the concrete will have a higher level of strength and stability once it cures.

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