What Is a Chip Floor Coating System?

A chip floor coating system is one that combines the highest quality vinyl flakes with a mixture of Polyaspartic and epoxy. Once placed on the floor of choice, that floor reaches a new level of functionality and is aesthetically-pleasing. This type of floor system is appropriate for all types of floors in all types of environments.

The chip floor coating system offers a unique finish that has the capability of being designed to match any type of space. It may be laid in such a way that it is smooth or it may be laid with a textured surface. It is ideal for numerous applications including residential, commercial, and industrial. 

What Is Chipped Epoxy?

Chipped epoxy includes mica or thermoplastic-based PVA chips. These are placed within an epoxy blend that typically includes a color coat. Once placed in the epoxy, the chips become embedded within the substance. When this type of floor is chosen, one may choose from many different types of chip blends.

Additionally, many types of flooring – such as the terrazzo systems – may be duplicated. This means that the person or entity purchasing the chipped epoxy floor may be able to have it designed in such a way that it looks like more expensive systems, but without the additional costs. Chipped epoxy has gained an immense amount of popularity in the past few years. 

How Thick Is a Chipped Epoxy Floor?

Chipped epoxy floor systems have a thickness range from 2-3 mils to up to 250 mils. It all depends on how the application is applied. In most instances, thinner applications are reserved for new concrete floors or concrete that is still in great shape.

Thicker blends are typically placed on older concrete floors or those that are in bad shape. If repair work is needed, it is advised that that is completed prior to laying the chipped epoxy floor. 

What Are the Basics of the Chip System Design?

Generally speaking, the chip system design involves the use of a primer, a broadcast or mixture of vinyl flakes, a coat of high-quality grout, and a coat that goes over the top of the finished product. The primer could be Polyaspartic coating, Polyaspartic concrete, epoxy, or combinations of these products.

Depending on preference, the grout coat and the top-most coat may be modified to allow for texture, or a lack thereof. A flooring expert will design the floor that you want – be it in a residence, a show room, a salon, or in an industrial setting. 

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