What Are the Benefits of Having the Concrete Floors in My Home Coated?

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have recently stumbled upon information regarding concrete coatings for the home and you want to know how you would benefit from having this home improvement project done. Concrete flooring is an immensely popular option for today’s residences.

Not only is it highly durable, it can be converted with special coatings to reflect your personal tastes and to enhance the architectural style of the structure. Concrete coatings can transform a dull, gray concrete floor in the home into an artistic masterpiece! The following outlines the various benefits of having concrete coatings placed on the floors of your home:

  1. If you have a concern about your carbon footprint, you will be pleased to know that concrete coatings are exceptionally eco-friendly. The chemicals used are mild and do not result in complications to the environment. While we are on the topic, you should know that the chemicals in the concrete coatings are not considered detrimental to your health, either. 
  2. Regardless of the fact that concrete is a highly durable material, the floors in your home need to be able to withstand a wide variety of pressure and exposure to chemicals. Concrete coatings will make this possible. These coatings will not crack or experience chips like tiles and they will not succumb to dirt and chemicals like carpets. The coatings placed on the concrete are tough and highly durable. It does not matter how much traffic is in your home, or the substances that the coatings are exposed to, your floor coatings will stand the test of time! 
  3. It has been estimated that the average concrete floor lasts anywhere from 25 to 50 years. When coatings are added to the floors, it doubles and even triples the life of the floor. That is an amazing lifespan!
  4. When you place concrete coatings on the floors of your home, you will find that they are exceptionally easy to maintain. All you need is a mild cleaner, a little warm water, and a mop. 
  5. There are several floor coatings available on the market. The good news is, concrete coatings are the most economical. You will find that it is really inexpensive to have all of the floors covered throughout your home. In fact, by the time it is over, you may find that you have enough left over in your budget to coat both your basement and your garage, too! 

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