The Advantages of Choosing Coated Concrete Flooring for an Enclosed Patio

If you are reading this, chances are, you are in the process of planning out an enclosed patio addition to your home. Once you establish the size and general details, it is imperative that you determine what type of flooring you will place in the space. Once the floor is laid, you can then continue to build up the structure around it.

While ceramic tile, vinyl, and wood are all wonderful options, it is best to go for a floor that is exceptionally strong, stands the test of time, and has an increased level of longevity. One type of floor that offers many advantages is a coated concrete floor. Continue reading to learn more.

Coated Concrete

Standard concrete is known for its high level of hardness and strength, but if you combine it with epoxy coating, it is unmatched. These two elements – combined – will give your enclosed patio flooring that has the withstanding capabilities of that of a highway. Additionally, you can increase the aesthetics of your new patio.

Special dyes, etching, quartz chip colors, and more can be added to the concrete floor coating to give it a unique appearance. If you elect to place a coated concrete floor in your patio, it will instantly transform the space and your home!

The Advantages

The following outlines the main advantages associated with a coated concrete floor for an enclosed patio space:

  1. Design Options – One of the biggest advantages to integrating a coated concrete floor is the fact that you have a multitude of design options at your fingertips! You can instantly transform a standard, boring concrete floor into a luxurious masterpiece! You may choose from virtually any color, you may integrate chip colors, or you may add surface treatments to create a one-of-a-kind look. Coated concrete flooring can even be made to look like brick, ceramic tile, or natural stones!
  2. Low-Maintenance – Coated concrete floors are among the easiest floors to take care of. If properly sealed, the flooring will repel dirt, stains, and even extremely hard impacts. Just pull out a broom, a dust pan, and a damp mop to clean up and restore the natural beauty of the flooring.
  3. Environmentally-Friendly – Concrete is a substance that does not deplete any of our world’s natural resources. In fact, it takes less energy that all other types of flooring to manufacture and install. It provides a boost to the indoor air quality because it stops the growth of mold, eliminate mildew, and instantly repels odors. Additionally, it absorbs the surrounding temperature, which aids in climate control of both your patio and the home – as a whole!

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