Reduce the Spread of Viruses in Your Business with an Epoxy Flooring System

Since January of 2020, businesses around the world have been implementing extremely strict safety protocols and cleaning techniques. Disinfecting surfaces, wearing face masks and other types of personal protective equipment, using sanitizer products, handwashing, and social distancing measures are all part of the cleaning and safety regimen that is now considered the “norm” as we progress through the pandemic involving COVID-19 and its variants.

There is one area, though, that may lend to the transmission of viruses and other pathogens; that is, the floor. The good news is, you can reduce the spread of unhealthy pathogens by integrating an epoxy floor system within your business. 

The Study on Air and Surface Samples

A study was conducted at a hospital in Wuhan, China. It tested both air samples and surface samples from an intensive care unit and a ward where COVID-19 patients were. According to the study, the floor samples taken had a higher rate of positivity than the air samples.

In the ICU, the rate was 70%. In the general ward, the rate was 15.4%. It is believed that the virus droplets floated to the ground and then individuals moving across the floors moved the droplets around as they walked from one area to another. The results of this study were published by the CDC.

We can conclude that floors in businesses need to be non-porous, easy to clean, and include hygienic-based coatings. This is why epoxy floor systems are the best option for your business. 

Fluid Applied Flooring Is The Healthy Option 

If you are in search of a way to ensure that your business is as safe as possible for the COVID-19 virus and its variants as well as other pathogens, it is imperative that you opt for fluid applied flooring. In short, epoxy flooring and flooring identified as “resinous” are both considered types of fluid applied flooring.

These are poured and then they go through a curing process. Once cured, the floor is solid, exceptionally each to clean, will not allow liquids to be absorbed, and does not serve as a breeding ground for germs. 


Most epoxy flooring systems that are placed in businesses today include anti-microbial additives. These aid in combatting germs and preventing the growth of various pathogens on the surface of the flooring.

There are also additives that increase the overall durability of the flooring system so that cracks and crevices do not develop that will harbor potentially dangerous pathogens. Furthermore, these flooring systems and skid and slip-resistant. 

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