Patio Flooring: The Benefits of Concrete over Tile

Throughout the years, a multitude of materials have been utilized to construct, stabilize, and improve the aesthetics of patios. However, the two most common materials used currently are concrete and tile.Concrete Patio Flooring

While both are considered to be durable materials that create stunning effects in outdoor living spaces, many homeowners are now finding it difficult to decide between the two.

Which material is best – concrete or tile? Hands down, the answer is “concrete”. Learn why it is advantageous to choose a concrete floor over tile for your outdoor patio.

Concrete is Extremely Durable

While tile is considered to be durable, it is possible for a tile to crack under pressure. Concrete – on the other hand – is highly resistant to heat, moisture, scratches, and marks. It can withstand the weight of a vehicle and more.

If anything is dropped on the concrete, it will be able to withstand the blow. Additionally, concrete is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Concrete Has a High Level of Longevity

While it is true that high grade tiles have the ability to last several decades, concrete can last a lifetime. It does not matter how much traffic it has, what weather conditions it is exposed to, how much wear and tear it experiences, and what you do while on it, concrete has the highest level of longevity and will truly stand the test of time.

Concrete is Less Expensive

Believe it or not, tile is much more expensive than concrete. You will pay less initially and over time by opting for a concrete patio floor.

It is easier to create the material and even the different finishes and colors available on today’s market are inexpensive against the cost of high quality, specially-designed tiles for the outdoor living area.

Improved Aesthetics

At one point in history, concrete came in one color and one texture only. That is no longer the case. Now, you can choose from various finishes, a wide variety of textures, and limitless color possibilities.

As time progresses, you may want to change the appearance of concrete. That is very simple to do!

Tile has many options, too, however, it is more expensive and if you ever want to change the appearance of the tile, you have to change the tile itself.

It is much easier and cheaper to go with concrete to start with and make changes as you so desire.

The Patio Floor of Your Dreams

Are you ready to create a stunning, comfortable outdoor living space complete with a concrete floor? If you answered “yes”, we can help!

We offer the highest quality materials, the broadest selection of patio coatings, and a variety of colors to match the theme and décor of your outdoor living space.

If you would like to learn more or determine if we are capable of handling your job, you may contact us directly by calling: 706-249-4131


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