How to Cheaply Repair Damaged Concrete and Increase Durability

Despite the fact that concrete is a highly durable material and has a high level of longevity, cracks and other types of damage do occur.Cracked Concrete Floor

Concrete has a high level of compression, but it is weak – in terms of tension. If a crack occurs, it means that the material experienced some degree of tension.

Other issues that may result in damage include heavy traffic, excessive weight exposure, moisture damage, and poor compaction within the subbase.

It does not matter if your damaged concrete is on steps, a porch-like structure, in the garage, or around your swimming pool, there are methods for inexpensively repairing it, increasing its durability, and making it look great again.

Small Crack Repair

If you notice a small crack in your concrete, you will want to start the repair process by taking a wire brush and thoroughly cleaning in and around the damage.

Next, you can take some simple crack filler for masonry, a vinyl compound designed for concrete, or a similar substance with a putty knife. Pay close attention to the filler to determine whether or not it requires a specially designed bonding agent.

Once the filler is inside of the crack, smooth it over to make the surface even with the surrounding concrete. Then, allow the substance to dry.

Wide Crack Repair

If you have a wide crack to repair, you will need to start the process by undercutting around the edges of the area. This can be done by using a sledgehammer and a sturdy chisel.

Immediately thereafter, take a wire brush and clean up the area. Once all of the debris have been removed, you may then clean the area with water to remove any dust that has remained.

Allow the area to completely dry before moving on to the patching process. Failure to take this step could result in the patching compound to not set appropriately.

Once the area is all dried up, you may mix together vinyl patching compound and place it in the wide crack with a sturdy trowel. As you pour it in, tap it down. This will help remove any air that has gathered so that pockets do not form that will weaken the concrete.

Once you know the compound is packed tightly into the crack, you may then smooth it over to ensure that it is level with the surrounding concrete. 

Concrete Coatings

If you are not comfortable with performing concrete repair, you may opt to have a concrete coating added to the area where the material is damaged.

Not only will it repair the cracks that have formed, it will cover the area with a beautiful coating that will protect the material from water and other types of damage.

Not only is this an inexpensive method for repairing damaged concrete, the coatings have a fast cure time, a high adhesion level, and are capable of self-leveling.

It does not matter if the crack is short, long, shallow, or deep, concrete coatings are the way to go! For more information, contact us today by calling: 706-249-4131

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