Cracks, Unlevel Cement, and Sunken Concrete Could Lead to Lawsuits

As a homeowner, it is likely that you have a sidewalk, a patio, a garage, or even an inside floor composed of concrete. If you have stumbled across this post and are now reading it, it is likely that you have some type of concrete around your home that has a crack, is unlevel, or is sunken.Crack in Cement Floor

While this may seem more like an eyesore, an aesthetic problem, or a matter that does not need your immediate attention, it is an unsafe condition. If someone becomes injured on your property as a result of a concrete issue, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit.

If you are in need of concrete repair, it is imperative that you tend to the issue immediately. Otherwise, you could find yourself in the midst of a wide array of legal complications.

Premise Liability

In order to understand how the failure to have your concrete repaired could result in legal issues, we must first start by explaining the concept of “premise liability”. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all visitors on your property are safe.

You are expected to utilize a reasonable amount of care when it comes to the maintenance and the overall ownership of your property. If any concrete in or around your property is cracked, unlevel, or sunken, it could result in unsafe conditions that may result in a visitor becoming injured while on your property.

If this happens, you are likely to be held responsible for that injury. That is what premise liability is all about – you being responsible for what happens on your property. Cracked, unlevel, or sunken concrete could result in slips, trips, and falls. This could – in turn – result in a personal injury suit in a court of law.

Finding Negligence

If someone gets hurt because of cracked, unlevel, or sunken concrete on your property and it can be proven that you knew that repairs were needed, you could be proven to be a negligent homeowner.

In turn, this could result in paying the victim’s medical bills, the wages that they have lost due to having to miss work because of the injury, the pain that they experienced, as well as any other type of suffering or hardship – both currently and in the future.

In short, this type of negligence could result in costing you more than just a few of your hard-earned pretty pennies. While it is true that the insurance you have on your property may assist in handling the financial implications associated with a lawsuit, your insurance company expects you to perform regular maintenance and address any hazards. Failure to do so will put you on your own in court.

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