Are There Any Disadvantages to Having a Bare Concrete Floor in a Garage?

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have a garage that has a bare concrete floor. Perhaps, your garage just got built. Maybe, it is an older garage. It could be that you are about to have a garage constructed and are just curious about what to do with the floor.

Regardless, a garage that only has a concrete floor is boring and unattractive. In addition to this, there are many issues that may stem from a bare concrete floor. Continue reading to learn more. 

A Bare Concrete Floor May Be Dangerous to Your Health 

Many do not realize it, but concrete is a highly porous material. Without a specially designed epoxy coating placed over the flooring, it will harbor dangerous bacteria, fungus, various chemicals, and a wide array of other types of contaminants.

These will just soak right into the concrete and remain there. Not only is this highly unappealing, but it could result in a danger to your health and a danger to other people’s health that use or frequent the garage.

It can even result in a problem with your pet’s health! If you want to avoid this, you should ensure that you get a garage floor coating system placed over the bare concrete. 

It Can Accumulate Moisture 

Because of the porous nature of the concrete that makes up your garage floor, it will easily absorb moisture. First, this could result in the development of mold and mildew throughout the garage. Second, water can result in the development of fragility in your concrete floor.

Finally, if water gets in throughout the winter months, freezes, and expands, it results in a massive amount of damage to your garage floor. If it is connected to your home, that damage could extend over to your home. 

It Could Jeopardize Your Safety 

Garage floors that only have bare concrete are more easily damaged than other floors that have a protective coating. There are many dangers associated with bare concrete floors. These include being very slippery, if cracks and holes develop, or if the concrete breaks and becomes uneven, it could result in the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

You can avoid these issues may having garage floor coatings on the bare concrete floor with anti-slip technology. By taking this step, you are eliminating all potential safety risks that may be experienced in the garage. 

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