9 Ways to Get Your Garage Ready for This Fall and the Winter Ahead

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color and the temperatures are getting lower. That means one thing is for sure – fall is coming.Man Preparing Garage For Spring And Winter

Now that we are more than halfway through the year, it is time to make the proper preparations for the upcoming fall and winter months.

By now, it is likely that you are clearing out your gutters, doing your annual maintenance on your heating systems, ensuring your roofs can handle the ice and snow, and taking other measures to protect your home. These are all the obvious tasks off your home maintenance checklist for the colder months.

However, there is one area that is often overlooked: the garage. Now is the time to get your garage ready for the new seasons. Here’s how:

1.Prepare the Garage Floor

As temperatures start to drop, seasonal rain, ice, and possibly even snow may come down. Not only do you need to take measures to protect your home’s exterior, you have to think about your indoor floor and ensure its longevity.

When it’s cold outside, you may bring outdoor elements and temperature inside when you go from the outdoors in. Taking measures against harsh environmental conditions will ensure floor protection

The best method is to choose from one of the many garage floor coatings available on the market. These coatings will create a waterproof, slip-resistant barrier on the floor that will increase its lifespan and prevent you from accidental slips, trips, and falls as well.

2.Insulate for Heat Retention

If you utilize your garage for storage or as a workshop, it is essential that you take the time to insulate the room. This will help ensure that any heat passed into the area is properly retained.

Not only will this increase your comfort level and protect items stored within the garage, it will help in protecting the structure itself. Be sure to remember to insulate the door, as well.

3.Perform Maintenance on the Garage Door

The garage door is critical in protecting the interior of the area. It is essential that it has a high level of reliability as it stands between what’s inside of your garage and the environmental conditions outside.

Steps that should be taken include checking the hardware on the door, lubricating appropriate components, replacing the weather seal, and inspecting the rollers and replacing, if necessary.

4.Install Weather Stripping

The next step to getting your garage ready for the fall and winter months is to install weather stripping around the windows, vents, garage door, and other areas. This will help to keep the cold temperatures out and the heat in. 

5.Check Any Water Sources

Oftentimes, a garage includes a sink or other water sources. These are connected to pipes that are either in or close to the garage.

Before the temperatures drop, it is important that you properly insulate the pipes and secure all water sources. A busted pipe or water allowed to reach freezing temperatures can result in many complications that may prove to be quite expensive.

6.Ensure Heat is Installed

You have heat in your home, but it is also important to ensure that there is heat in your garage. If your garage is connected to the home, you may simply have ductwork and a vent run out to the garage.

If it is not attached, you can have a small heater installed in the garage itself. This will protect the structure, as well as anything that is stored in the structure.

7.Seal Cracks

Carefully inspect both the interior and exterior of your garage for cracks. If you notice any, immediately seal them with caulk or foam that is designed to expand within the crack when used.

This will help in protecting against the elements, as well as any pests that may attempt to enter the garage when the temperatures drop.

8.Consider Integrating the Sun

If you would like to save money on lighting and increase the amount of heat that gets into your garage when it is cold outside, consider adding skylights in order to let the sunlight into the structure.

9.Set Up Safety Equipment

The final step for preparing your garage for fall and winter is to set up safety equipment within the structure. This includes a smoke alarm, a water source, and a fire extinguisher. Accidents can happen and it is best to prepare ahead of time.

For more information on preparing your garage with protective garage floor coatings, you may contact one of our specialists today by calling: 706-249-4131

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