5 Signs That You Need a Waterproof Pool Deck Coating

As a pool owner, you have many responsibilities. These recreational products require an immense amount of maintenance. By now, you have obtained your swimsuit, your goggles, your flippers, foam noodles, and floats.

You have likely enjoyed numerous hours in the crisp, cool, clear waters of your swimming pool. Your pool will provide years of entertainment and luxury for your family and friends; however, this is only possible if you take the correct approach to pool safety and maintenance.

While a heavy focus should be placed on your pool, it is not the only area that you should place your efforts. You should also pay close attention to the safety, maintenance, and general condition of your pool deck. In this guide, you will learn the signs that indicate that it is time for the placement of a waterproof pool deck coating.

Sign #1: Your Pool Deck is Suffering from Discoloration

In looking over your pool deck, does it seem dull in color and is it displaying a weathered appearance? If so, this indicates that the concrete is going through the natural effects of aging.

Additionally, it may be suffering as a result of the chemicals used within your pool and the UV rays of the direct sunlight. All of these factors contribute to discoloration.

If allowed to continue, the overall integrity of the concrete will become compromised and the beauty that you have worked so hard to establish in your pool area will diminish.

If discoloration is occurring, it is time to have a pool deck covering placed over the concrete. Not only will this beautify the deck, but it will make it stronger and safer.

Sign #2: Cracks are Developing

Concrete is known to be a strong and highly durable substance; however, as time progresses, cracks may start to develop. If ignored, these will grow in size and lead to many complications.

Examples include sustained injuries by those that use your pool area, structural issues with your pool, and it could even lead to water saturation below the concrete. If cracks have developed, it is time to have your deck resurfaced.

Sign #3: The Development of Erosion

If cracks have previously developed and been ignored, you may notice erosion on your pool deck. This happens when water goes down into the crack and detrimentally impacts the soil that is underneath the concrete.

If there is erosion, it is definitely time to have a waterproof deck coating put on your pool deck as this will renew, protect, and prevent future problems and hefty expenses.

Sign #4: Chips in the Surface

Perhaps you do not have any cracks or erosion, but you may have noticed chips on the surface of your pool deck. While this may not seem like a serious issue right now, it will – eventually – transition into a very serious problem and cost you quite of bit of money to repair.

By having a waterproof pool deck cover added now, you can prevent these complications from occurring.

Sign #5: Injuries Have Occurred

Have any injuries occurred on your pool deck? Has someone cut themselves, stubbed a toe on the deck, slipped, or fallen? If you answered “Yes” to any of these, a waterproof resurfacing is immediately necessary. If you fail to have this added to your deck, you may quickly discover that a more serious injury may occur.

We Can Help Now

We here at Concrete Coatings of the South offer beautiful, waterproof pool deck coatings in Augusta. We can match any surface, any color, and any theme.

If you are ready to ensure the safety of your investment and your loved ones, it is time to contact us. Simply give us a call today and we will go over all that we have to offer and set up a consultation to determine the best materials for your deck: 706-249-4121 

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