4 Simple Steps to Reviving Your Concrete Garage Floor

Concrete Garage FloorConcrete is an optimal choice when it comes to garage flooring. It is exceptionally strong, highly durable, and is considered to be one of the longest-lasting of all materials utilized in construction.

Despite its amazing strength and durability, concrete garage floors do – eventually – succumb to heavy usage. Initially, the use will adversely affect the floor’s appearance. Eventually, other complications will occur that detrimentally impact the overall integrity of the slab that is supporting the garage floor.

The good news is, there are 4 simple steps that you may take in order to revive your concrete garage floor. Continue reading to learn these steps.

Step #1: Thoroughly Clean the Floor

After years of use, it is likely that you have many oil stains and ground-in dirt accumulated on your garage floor. You will want to start by focusing on these areas.

If there are fresh spills, simply use a little cat litter to soak them up and a stiff broom to sweep them away. If there are older spills and stains, you may use a multitude of products to lift and remove them.

Examples include laundry detergent, baking soda, specially-designed grease and scum removers, bleach, and even hydrogen peroxide. Once the spills and stains are lifted, pressure wash the garage floor to create a fresh new appearance.

Step #2: Resurface the Garage Floor

Once the garage floor is clean and completely dry, you may initiate the process of resurfacing. By now, it is likely that the floor has a few cracks, has started to flake, or has started to expose the aggregate that is directly underneath.

These issues occur naturally as a result of vehicle weights, foot traffic, and environmental conditions – such as extreme weather. Simply purchase a resurfacing product and apply to the garage floor.

If you are uncomfortable with this step, hire a professional garage concrete floor resurfacing technician to do the job for you. You will be amazed with the results once the resurfacing is completed!

Step #3: Level It Out

The next step to reviving your garage floor is to ensure that it is leveled out. If you take a good look at the floor, you are sure to see depressions, low spots, dips, and similar unlevel areas. I

t is imperative to handle these issues immediately before they result in serious and extremely expensive problems with the structure. You just need to pick up some concrete leveler product and follow the directions listed in order to get your floor straight again!

Step #4: Fill It In

The final step to reviving your garage floor is to fill in all of those cracks. Temperature changes, heavy usage, and other issues can cause cracks and crumbling.

You must deal with these issues before they ruin the entire garage. You should select a product that is high in quality and is designed to set fast.

If you want to revive your concrete garage floor but lack the experience or the time to do so, we here at Concrete Coatings Augusta can help! Simply contact us today for more information: https://concretecoatingsaugusta.com/contact-us/






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