3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use DIY Epoxy Floor Coating Kits for Your Garage

In terms of garage flooring solutions, epoxy-based floor coating is considered to be an exceptionally popular product. It is a highly durable substance that is visually stunning. Best of all, it requires very little when it comes to standard maintenance.

Today, there are many DIY epoxy floor coating kits available on the market for consumers. While you may be tempted to utilize these kits to transform your garage floor, it is not advised.

In this brief guide, we will outline 3 reasons why you should not use DIY epoxy floor coating kits for your garage floor. 

#1: Moisture Accumulation 

One of the main reasons that DIY epoxy floor coating kits should not be used on the garage floor is the fact that moisture may accumulate directly underneath the product. This happens if there is moisture on the concrete or if there is a strong differential between the coating and the concrete.

This moisture could cause pressure that results in the separation of the epoxy coating from the concrete. To avoid this problem, a professional floor technician should be hired to place a commercial-based garage floor coating. 

#2: Peeling 

DIY epoxy floor garage coatings are known for peeling. There are several causes for this but the most common is improper preparation. Other reasons include a variation in temperature and humidity during the application process.

If performed by a professional, the flooring is completely prepared prior to the garage floor coating being placed on the floor. Additionally, temperature and humidity are closely monitored. This is another reason why it is best to have professionals complete the work. 

#3: The Development of Bubbles 

If a DIY epoxy garage floor coating system is used, air bubbles may develop in the mixture. The most common reason for this is that the application was placed on the flooring when the outdoor temperature was very cold or directly underneath the light of the sun.

This issue also arises when there was an improper mixture of the epoxy. When this substance is mixed too quickly, it easily traps the air inside and results in the presence of bubbling.

The solution is to have industry professionals complete the work. They have the tools, skill, and know-how to successfully prevent the issue of bubble development from occurring. 

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