3 Advantages to Integrating an Epoxy Chip Floor Coating System into Your Garage

It does not matter if you simply need to refurbish an outdated floor or provide a sealant to the concrete flooring in your garage, a chip floor coating system is an easy way to transform the area and completely fortify the garage floor.

It is highly beneficial in preserving the floor in your garage and protecting against harsh chemicals and heavy impacts -all while leaving behind a glossy, beautiful, and colorful finish that is sure to bring new appeal to your garage.

If your floor is currently open – without a protective finish – an epoxy chip floor coating system can provide a high level of professional-based refinement. Continue reading to learn about the main advantages to using an epoxy chip floor coating system in your garage.

What Is an Epoxy Chip Floor Coating System?

An epoxy chip floor coating system is a specially-designed flooring system that is made of epoxide resin, a special type of polyamine hardener, various additives, and colored chips.

As the substances are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs that results in a hardened flooring compound that has highly distinct and unique qualities. Once applied to your garage floor, a process occurs that completely seals the surface and a very firm bond is created.

Appearance Transformation and Defect Correction

One of the main advantages to utilizing an epoxy chip floor coating system is that it completely transforms the appearance of your garage floor and corrects any type of defects that are present. Not only will the garage acquire a touch of elegance, the lighting used within the room will reflect from the surface of the new flooring system to provide a whole new look to the room.

If there are spills, cracks, or other defects in the original garage floor, the epoxy will seal those in and the colored chips will help mask the underlying issues. Once cured, the entire surface will look brand new without having experienced the issue of completely pulling up and redoing the concrete.

High Level of Resistance

The next benefit to integrating an epoxy chip floor coating system into your garage is that it helps add a whole new level of resistance to the room. The epoxy has the capability of blocking all potential harmful elements that are known to occur in such a high traffic area. It is a very hardy floor.

It has the capability of withstanding high levels of heat, the shock that often affects garage floors, and is resistant to both chemicals and water. This type of floor is perfect for the garage because it can withstand the heat and corrosive chemicals put off by vehicles that are placed in garages.


Epoxy chip floor coating systems are designed in such a way that they are fully capable of withstanding a highly substantial amount of weight. Certain types are capable of withstanding up to 3,000 pounds for every square inch and other types are capable of lasting under 10,000 pounds per square inch.

This flooring system is capable of maintaining a standard level of rigidity and the wear and tear that garages often experience.

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